Friday, February 20, 2009

The Name Says It All

Chocolate Place. As soon as I saw this storefront in the Morris Park section of the Bronx, I knew I had finally found the perfect neighborhood in which to work. How could somebody, especially a sugar addict such as myself, not be lured in by the boldly colorful lettering on the exterior wall advertising candy--complete with cartoon illustrations?

I stopped in on my break and made a beeline for the glass cases, in which sit the most perfectly crafted truffles (my personal chocolate fave), handmade chocolate covered cherries, pretzels and graham crackers... I was overwhelmed. What to order? Thankfully the storekeeper--and her large German Shepherd, who dozed on the carpet while I deliberated--were extremely kind and patient. She (the storekeeper, not the dog) informed me that I could order any number of candies. Having only five bucks on me, I had to settle for six truffles. Tough, considering they have a great selection and each flavor is available in white, milk, and dark chocolate. I ultimately chose the amaretto in white chocolate; the coconut, hazelnut, and orange in dark chocolate (my preference); and a milk chocolate caramel.

The shells were firm and crunchy (though this may be due in part to the cold conditions the truffles were exposed to), and the ganache center thick and smooth. Wonderful. My beloved Fannie Mae has competition. There may have to be a Midwest/East Coast gourmet chocolate showdown at some point.

In the meantime, I plan on visiting Chocolate Place on a weekly basis.

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