Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shlameel! Shlamazel! Bring on the shugar!

It's been entirely too long. Many weeks have passed since my last post and many significant changes have taken place (not to mention many sweet treats enjoyed). The job interview I mentioned in a previous post? The one I thought I had bombed? Well it turns out that I underestimated how well I did. I got the job and am now living in a Milwaukee suburb. So within the span of a few weeks, I had to sell all of my furniture, pack and ship all of my other possessions, find a new apartment, buy a car, and adjust to a new life in a completely new (and drastically different) setting while working at a new library. Suffice it to say, I've been feeling overwhelmed.

But sugar helps.
Now, I've eaten such a variety of desserts during these last couple of months, that it would be impossible for my to remember and review all of them. But I think it's worth mentioning a couple highlights, and hopefully I'll be able to post on a more regular basis now that I've settled in a bit.

My dear friend Cris bought the Original and Ca$hew Cow varieties as a going-away present (with the understanding that, eventually, I'd write about them). They're made with all-natural, delicious ingredients; the Original contains: honey nougat, peanut butter, caramel, and peanuts drenched in dark chocolate. It's somewhat similar to a Snickers bar--but better. The nougat and caramel are sweeter and the dark chocolate is rich and robust. The Ca$hew bar was delightful as well but simpler in taste, with most of it being comprised of cashews (and cashew butter and cashew brittle). But I appreciated the fact that it's a unique bar with no major-candy brand equivalent (as far as I know, anyway). Now if I can make a trip to Madison, maybe I'll be able to locate Zingerman's What the Fudge? Bar at Fromagination. The name itself is worth the money!

And, just last night, I found heaven at the bottom of a Sil's Mini Donuts bag!

Wonderfully warm, sweet rings of perfectly fried dough covered in powdered sugar and cinnamon. The exterior of a Sil's donut is just the slightest bit firm yet immediately gives way to the incredibly soft, buttery layers of oily goodness found on its inside. The shop itself is an adorable mix of understated retro/modern-cute. And how can one not love an establishment that sells a half dozen piping hot donuts for $1.50? And you don't even have to leave your car! Ah, the wonders of the Midwest drive-thru. Big thanks to Nick for introducing me to Sil's!