Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Economy Makes Me Happy

What to do in an economic crisis? Well, if you're a sugar fiend like me, you head to Rivington Street's Economy Candy! Or, as I like to call it, heaven. Rows and rows (and rows) of candy: handmade, well-known (Jelly Bellys, Jujubes, Swedish Fish), imported (Cadbury Crunchies, Nestle Yorkies, Kinder Buenos), and deliciously obscure "old time favorites."

The experience was overwhelming! I found myself walking through every aisle a few times, simply marveling at the store's selection. I somehow managed to restrain myself and bought only five items in the end: a bag of cinnamon bears (my favorite type of cinnamon candy); cinnamon Glee Gum (What can I say? I'm a big fan of cinnamon.); a Necco Sky Bar, a Joyva Joys bar, and two Wazoo bars (my most prized purchase--see 3/25 blog).

My selection criteria: the candies have to be difficult to find elsewhere and never before enjoyed by yours truly. Oh, and cheap. We are in a recession, after all. (I realize the bears are a fairly common bulk candy. But I couldn't resist.)

My plan is to pace myself and eat a bar only every week or so (let's see how that goes). First one up: the Blue Razz Wazoo, a colorfully chewy, fruit-flavored candy covered with what are simply referred to as "crunchies." As it turns out, the crunchies taste like Nerds and fall off the bar very easily. (Most were at the bottom of the wrapper before I even opened it.)

The verdict: the Wazoo was wonderful. The exterior coating was subtle in fruit flavor, while the two inside layers had the powerfully tangy taste of a Laffy Taffy and the consistency of nougat. The sensation of sinking my teeth into the bar was extremely satisfying. Soft and smooth at first (the coating is similar in texture to that found on a Snickers bar) and chewy in the middle--but without the annoying stickiness of taffy.

Wahoo! I can't wait to try the other Wazoo bar!

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