Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cookies, Cats, and Candy: Oh Yum! (Minus the cats.)

I have a habit of looking over a restaurant's dishes via Menupages before actually going to the restaurant. (Cris and I generally choose where we want to dine days in advance.) Doing this raises my levels of anticipation and excitement in much the same way watching movie previews or listening to a band's music before their concert would. So I already knew that I would be ordering either the chocolate souffle or the Little Devin sandwich cookie for dessert before walking through Westville's door. Thankfully, I didn't have to choose.

Cris ordered the souffle ala mode, and it was scrumptious--though just a bit soggy for my taste. (Can you tell I'm a fan of alliteration yet?) I love contrasts in texture and temperature, but in the case of ice cream and cake (or any other type of porous dessert), I like 'em separate. Westville places the scoop of ice cream directly on top of the souffle, the heat of which quickly melts the ice cream, which then permeates the already moist chocolate cake. As a result, the consistency of the cake becomes that of thick brownie batter. (Still tasty, of course, but not what you expect or necessarily want of a souffle.) The biggest negative, however, is that the coldness of the ice cream nearly froze the creamy smooth chocolatey goodness that is supposed to ooze out of the center of souffle. (And really, isn't that the best part?)

I loved my Little Devin: two buttery thin and chewy granola, cranberry, and walnut cookies attached by an equally thin layer of cream cheese frosting. Though the walnuts appeared to be absent, the combination of the remaining ingredients was fantastic--simultaneously hearty (like a classic oatmeal raisin cookie) and light. I could have eaten about half a dozen more.

After dinner and dessert, we stopped by Fat Cat to play an hour of table tennis, listen to some live jazz, and have a couple pints of beer. It was a good time! It had been awhile since I'd pinged or ponged, so it took awhile to warm up. But I definitely worked up a thirst for that delicious glass of Ithaca Apricot Wheat. In fact, it's my new favorite beer!

And finally: today. I ripped open my mini bag o' the new Twizzlers Tweeterz: "candy coated Twizzlers Strawberry Bits."

Like Nibs, they are tiny and extremely chewy--like rubber. But don't let the description put you off--they were actually quite good. (The blue was the best, and I'm not just saying that for alliteration purposes.) They are perfect for an Easter basket. Easter is, after all, the absolute best holiday for candy. (Cadbury Creme Eggs, anyone?)


  1. I've been looking for those Tweeterz everywhere!

  2. I found 'em in a Twizzlers-filled plastic Easter egg at Duane Reade in NYC. Have yet to see a bigger bag, sadly.